Omega XP
        This system can be tailored to the needs of your office.  
The Omega XP Smoking/Acupuncture Package features an 100 mW 820nm Probe, Acupuncture Tip, Acupuncture Point Finder, Soft Case, Desk-Top Stand, On-Site Training and Setup, two sets of goggles and all manuals.
210 130 130 mm
2.75 kilos
Pulsing Frequencies:
2.5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 73Hz, 146Hz, 700Hz, 1KHz, 5KHz, 10KHz
Battery life:
cluster probe 4 hours; single probes up to 10 hours
Battery charge:
3 hours from mains
Visible Red Probe
  Proven in extensive research to be the best wavelength for fast effective treatment of wounds, including diabetic, varicose, venous, neuropathic, infected non-healing ulcers and pressure sores. Also superb treatment for acne, psoriasis, herpes simplex and other dermatological conditions.
Technical Specs:
SLD Laser
15 mW 30 mW
Power Density:
0.12 W/cm2 0.24 W/cm2
Non-Laser Laser
Infra-Red Probe
Provides a penetrative, highly effective wavelength for soft tissue / sports injuries, pain relief, acupuncture point stimulation and smoking cessation. Available in powers between 30 and 300 mW. Higher powers reduce treatment time and allow deeper, more effective penetration.





Technical Specs:
  SLD Laser Laser Laser Laser
  30 mW 50 mW 100 mW 200 mW 300 mW
Power Density:
  0.24 W/cm2 0.40 W/cm2 0.80 W/cm2 1.60 W/cm2 2.40 W/cm2
  Non-Laser 3B-Laser 3B-Laser 3B-Laser 3B-Laser