MediCom Maestro

  Sophisticated laser control unit of new generation meeting even the utmost demands of LLLT users. The unit allows the laser treatment be performed with the most suitable wavelength and output. MAESTRO automatically adjusts all necessary therapy parameters in accordance with a particular diagnosis. The possibility to connect two laser probes with different parameters simultaneously, or a laser probe for point treatment and a scanner for large surface applications, is a great advantage of the unit.

Advanced laser of the new MDTL (Menu Driven Therapy Laser) generation meeting even the highest demands of laser therapists :

  • Two laser probes with different parameters can be connected with the unit simultaneously
  • One laser probe for point therapy together with an auxiliary scanner for large area applications can be connected with the unit simultaneously
  • Automatic adjustment of parameters of therapy according to chosen diagnosis
  • Your own desired parameters of therapy can be stored in the memory of the unit for frequent use
  • Wavelength: 635 nm, 670 nm, 830 (IR)nm upon request
  • Power output : 3 - 300 mW depending on wavelength
  • Mains supply, battery sources available
  • Simple operation, maximum protection


CCM SPECIAL Laser Probe 635 nm

The depth of penetration into tissue is rather low and major portion of energy is absorbed in 3 - 5 mms. Therefore these probes are mainly used for superficial skin and mucous applications. Supplied in 3 - 7 - 15 mW versions.

CCM UNIVERSAL Laser Probe 670 nm

Their penetration is deeper (up to 2 cms.) and that is why they can be used for superficial applications as well as for irradiation of tissue structures and smaller joints. These probes are optimal for universal use and for acupuncture. Supplied in 3 - 10 - 20 - 25 mW versions.

CCM INFRARED Laser Probe 830 nm

High power probes with the ability of deep penetration into tissue (average 5 and more cms). These are the best for irradiation of joints and other deep structures. Output versions include 20 - 30 - 40 - 80 - 100 - 300 mW.

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