CTL 1106 MX
          Single Probe

Laser type
diode (semiconductor) laser
(82010)nm, near IR, the best for treatment of widest group of illnesses
Operation mode
continuous wave (c.w.)
Radiation power on tissue
regulated in the range 0200mW or 0400mW
Laser controller
from the keyboard, with built-in microprocessor
Displayed functions
radiation power [mW]; energy dose [J]; energy dose [J]; therapy time duration [min., sec.]
Application handpiece
interchangeable and heat-resistant tips with different shapes and sizes
Additional accessories
protective spectacles and goggles, robust carrying case
Power supply
single phase, (220-230)V, 50Hz
Power consumption
Controller size
170mm x 275mm x 110mm
laser made according to the international standards IEC 601.1 and IEC 825. It is equipped with: built-in power meter, remote interlock connection and key switch