Product Comparisons

Equipment size
Hand-held wand
base unit & leads
base unit & wand
Application procedure
Point and shoot
adhesive pads & wires
gels / creams / wires
Requires clinician
May be self-administered
generally reguired
demands clinician
Treatment time
2 to 6 minutes per area
up to 40 minutes
5 to 20 minutes
Applications per day
Multiple within protocols
one is recommended
no more than one
Can cause infection
Stimulates healing of wounds
no open wounds
no open wounds
Causes burns/damage
FDA determined SAFE
may blister skin
can overheat/damage
Pain from application
Non-heat producing
may burn & tingle
upon overheating
Effect on pain
Influences pain source
masking effect
temporary, through heat
If directed into eyes
heart arrhythmia
destruction of tissue
Insurance billing code
Attended modality
durable medical equipment
attended modality

The status quo in injury recovery involves ice, heat, and electronic stimulation in some form, primarily TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators) and rehab.